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Tips for Better Health

Tips For Better Health

In this interview by Mike Dimuccio  with Roger Drummer learn the tips for better health

  Roger has a long list of accomplishments and knowledge Including the trusted advisors to Mel Gibson and other stars. In this interview information you will learnTips for better health and how you can have a strong Immune System
  • Antitumor solutions- natural solutions they made a medicine for cancer You can access
  • How to  Lower Blood Pressure naturally and more effectively than with drugs with no side effects
  •  How to beat Heart Disease , Diabetes Naturally and Achieve Homeostasis (balance) Naturally
  •  Learn why it is important to keep the right electrical balance in the body to stay healthy.What is Nikken Ulta Air System ?
In this  interview with Roger Drummer  he talks about the body's need for homeostasis (balance) to create health.
  • What are the causes and what to do for Anxiety
Interesting note- Cravings for sweets is a signal that your brain is missing something- for 7 days eat nothing but meat for breakfast  Your brain wants to make dopamine when you wake up in the morning. Key to depression is sugar- Brain makes Serotonin- you eat more sugar- when you eat too much sugar you make too much serotonin and creates anxiety-   I have heard Roger speak many times and hope to have more articles to share. Thanks for tuning in today- Look for more interesting topics on health for you and those you care about. Yours in Health,        

Sleep- Good Sleep- Do You Know what it Really Is?

SLEEP, BRAIN WAVES AND ENERGY INFORMATION SLEEP • Sleep is the time when the brain heals the body. If you can restore and allow the brain and cells in the body to charge during sleep then you have enough energy for the energy drains during the following day. All processes in our body require energy. Energy that we get from the electrical impulses provided by each cell made up of electron (-negative field) and protons (+positive field) We people say "I'm out of energy" or "I feel run down" they actually are just that. Meaning the body has expended the energy from the cell and that energy needs to be replenished by restful, restorative sleep [click to continue…]
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Success in Network Marketing

    WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE succeed in NETWORK MARKETING? Great question! I have seen people think that if they have great sales people join their network marketing business, they will have a better ability convincing people and more success. But really the best person for a home based business are normal, everyday people. [click to continue…]

Work From Home Opportunity

http://www.youtube.com/v/atkq_7j-TMI?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata http://magnetmarketer.com Are you interested in making money online from home but unsure where to start? Read the article: Work From Home Opportunity
How Use Video Marketing To Attract Quality Prospects To You When doing Network marketing Online there are a few strategies that I particularly like to use when generating leads and finding new business partners.

Visit link: http://MagnetMarketer.tubetrafficmojo.com/

MLM – Online Network Marketing

MLM - Online Network Marketing

Tina Marie Peters

Dont Be Left Behind! Use Online Network Marketing for your MLM business!

Many MLM business owners struggle with Online Network Marketing because most people that bring them in to their opportunity have never done Online Marketing and can not teach them what they do not know.

What is Online Network Marketing?

First let me say what it is NOT.

MLM Online Network Marketing     is NOT:

Buying products and services hoping to get rich quick

Purchasing Leads from brokers that capture names and email addresses

Setting up a website, hoping someone will see you and what what you have to offer

Online Network Marketing for your MLM...

 IS MARKETING ! Pure and Simple!

So How do we Market for MLM?

Remember EVERY Network Marketing Company 

ONLY pays their distributors, franchisees, consultants to Market their goods and services.

You market their products to a lot of folks- you make a lot of money in return for your efforts.

If you market to a small audience then your pay is smaller.

So to Market an MLM Online you HAVE to build a network

And to build a network you HAVE to have a list of people to market to that are interested in what you have

To market to people that want to buy what you have, you have to have something they want.

There are several different ways to Market online

here are a few:

  • create a blog (like this one offering something of value- education, opportunity, experience
  • go to Youtube and create an account and record videos that interest people in what you have
  • Enroll in a Lead Generating and Educational platform that you learn while you earn

The one I use and recommend is MLSP because for $2 you can "test drive" the system and training

Or register and attend the FREE Wednesday Training Webinars

As most of you know that have visited my blog for a while, I began Network Marketing "offline" in 1995 and have been very successsful in the SAME stable almost 40 year old MLM that is still ground floor (because only 1/25th of 1% have even heard of them yet) MLM. With impactful products that change lives.

 But... the Fact Still Remains...

You and your team can only "get in front of" X number of people per day physically. Whereas...

 If you are in MLM and You Use Online Network Marketing...

You are literally able to reach 100's, 1000's or more people, all over the world, every day!

Just from a Blog post... or Youtube video... or other marketing strategy we discuss in the

resources above...

 The best part is-

for little to no investment to get started except a little bit of your time and effort.

(Sorry folks, there is NO get rich for nothing! )

YOU have to treat it like a business and WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW!

Do you want to be successful in your MLM? Don't get left behind- People are learning how to market their Network Marketing Businesses right now- Online and you CAN too!


                                                                                           Click on the link HERE  Right NOW !


Look Forward to meeting you and helping you succeed in YOUR own business from home...

or the beach or wherever you love to hang out!

My friend and colleague Oddmund Berger from Spain talks about how to do the business if you have no time. Stay tuned for Part 2 How to do MLM if they say "I have No Money"



Secrets To Free Network Marketing Leads

http://www.youtube.com/v/giscSF7YbNA?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata magnetmarketer.com When people delve into online MLM, frequently the first thing they are looking to do is generate free network marketing leads. But what are the most effective ways vs. ones that are all hype? Follow this link: Secrets To Free Network Marketing Leads

Magnets- Unbelievable- Do They Work for Diabetes?


Magnets- Unbelievable! Do They Work For Diabetes?

Many people think so. Watch below and tell me what you think.   Magnets- Unbelievable- Do they work? A scientific study by Dr. Michael Weintraub validates the use of magnetic insoles for health benefits.   Magnets have been used for centuries and this study, along with many other published studies, shows that magnets-for-health may improve your health and that of others.   This double blind, placebo-controlled medical study used Nikken magnetic insoles.   The study results were published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Magazine Vol.84 in May 2003.http://youtu.be/Z-J2TdQdcoc   Disclaimer- All magnets are NOT the same only invest in your health from a reliable and trusted source.    

My personal story is, I met a man June of 2011 who had been told by his doctor "We have to amputate your leg, or you will die" . You see he had a type of diabetic neuropathy that caused numbness in his feet and when he got a small injury to his foot, because there was no blood flow, the sore became worse to the point of gangrene. He was pretty freaked out by the time I met him as he had a friend that had died from the same situation a couple of months prior. I explained that for  about $60 I had something that may help him. I took my own magnetic insoles out of my shoes, put them in his and he left...kinda scratching his head (like what just happened here LOL). Anyway reports back to me were that 20 minutes later his feet started tingling (good sign for a man who had not even been able to feel his feet for some time). Four days later I had the opportunity to see him again. I asked him to let me see his foot and to my amazement his foot was no longer black and the ulcer on the bottom oozing infection. His foot was pink and the ulcer was closing up. Boy, the impact that had on me! When I think of what may have happened to this man if I had not taken the chance to offer him something that may have and did seem to help him...I don't even want to think of it! My responsibility is to tell my stories for the last 17 years. Not to diagnose, treat or prescribe. Just to tell my experiences and if someone you know can benefit then God bless them and you for sharing. If you feel this is share worthy would you please do so. any if there is anything I can ever to do help anyone the way I've been helped and helped others , please don't hesitate to contact me.   Until next time... Warm & Healthy Regards,
If you like the video see more here: http://www.youtube.com/healthsolutionsintl
  This is not meant to serve as medical advice, to diagnose or treat in any way. Please always seek the advice and care of your physician.