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 Magnets for Health

Magnets and Heart Health in the News

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There is a new product called the  Waterfall

This Unit  producing Pure, PiMag, Alkaline, Mico-clustered, Mineral Rich, Negative-Ion Water filtration is making quite the stir  in the Water filtration community. People are concerned about their water, lugging heavy BPA, toxic water to avoid drinking tap while the solution may be right at home for pennies a day.

Here is a video showing a friend Rick Murphy doing a simple Water test with the Waterfall

If you are interested in knowing more about the healthiest and not so healthiest water to drink, I did a blog on Water ( here) 

for more information or to order The PiMag Waterfall click here


Bone and Joint Issues

Personally I went from  -2.5 to +1 in my BMD (Bone Mineral Density) in one year and 4 months! No longer Osteopenia for me!

I’ve seen remarkable results with others as well! Hear more below!

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