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How to Save Money on Nikken Products and Make a Difference

Discover freedom and a more meaningful life

Why Wellness? 

Finding balance is a priority worldwide. We live in an unbalanced world- working more, sleeping less, subject to stress ready for a wellness revolution and NIKKEN leads the way

Wellness is the trillion-dollar revolution and it is here for you to come aboard as a Nikken wellness consultant. The wellness industry hit the $200-billion-a-year mark in 2000 and five years later the wellness industry more than doubled and has grown to $500 billion. Leading Economist Paul Zane Pilser calls Healthcare a $Trillion dollar industry and you are posed to not only profit but to make a meaniful difference

Preventative Wellness Care is the healthiest and wisest answer to rising medical costs and the only practical and cost-effective alternative to the sick care industry. 

Why Now?

  • An aging Baby Boomer population striving to stay young and healthy
  • A Sandwich Generation caught between aging parents and young children
  • Rising traditional health care costs
  • Health care Problems
  • Traditional solutions that have failed

NIKKEN has a solution that works 

Wellness is the industry to be in Next, let us look at the company and the products

Why Nikken?  

A Track Record of Success means You Too Can Have it All!

  • Founded in 1975 in Japan
  • Operations in more than 30 countries with seamless sponsoring business plan.
  • 40 years of success
  • 5A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating
  • Millions of satisfied customers WORLDWIDE
  • A unique 5 Pillars of Health philosophy
  • Celebrating 20 years of success in North America
  • Innovators in wellness
    • Magnetic technology
    • Far Infrared technology
    • Negative ion technology
    • Whole food, Pure Nutrition …        A total wellness environment with our Wellness Home

Your home can be one of two things:

  • It can make you sick
    • Unhealthy air
    • Bad water
    • Poor sleep
    • Poor nutrition
  • Or it can make you well
    • Clean air
    • Clean water
    • Quality sleep
    • Good nutrition

These basics support good health for the entire family and Nikken is the only company with The total wellness solution:
The Wellness Home.

 is in the Right Industry
at the Right Time
with the Right Products,
the Right Vision
and the Right Support… For YOU!

Now let us show you the most powerful Business Plan in the industry. Imagine a business opportunity with a company that provides:

  • Retail Profit
  • Wholesale Profit
  • Residual Income
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Incentive Programs that pay for your car AND your home
  • Seamless International program in over 30 countries

We are a very strong team of Nikken independent wellness consultants and Nikken professionals with a long track record of success with Nikken. We offer serious individuals an amazing support for a true success with this unique company when they choose to become wellness consultants with Nikken. 

  • NIKKEN University
  • Humans Being More Training
  • National Conventions
  • Personal website with powerful communication and presentation tools
  • Marketing & Presentation Material
  • International Business Support
  • Product Technology Support
  • Webinars/Conference Calls
  • Team Support Systems

Now that is the
in the right INDUSTRY
with the right PRODUCTS
and the plan to make it HAPPEN

Call us today at 1-970-261-4302 or Click Here to contact us and learn more about this great opportunity!

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