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Kenzen Essentials Pack

Kenzen® Daily Essentials Plus with FREE Blender Cup!

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4634 Kenzen Daily Essentials Plus with FREE Blender Cup US$ 398.00
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Product Description

Good nutrition is important for everyone, at any age. The Kenzen Daily Essentials Pack offers a selection of Kenzen products that in combination provides a solid foundation of balanced, daily nutritional support.

  • OsteoDenx®
  • Lactoferrin Gold 1.8®
  • CalDenx®
  • Kenzen® Joint (US only)
  • Kenzen® Immunity
  • Jade GreenZymes®
  • Kenzen CiagaV™
  • Kenzen® Vital Balance™ Meal Replacement Mix
  • Nikken Blender Cup — FREE!