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Magnetic Support

Magnetic Support

What can magnets do for me?


Every cell in our body runs on an electric charge.      Every living creature is linked to the earth’s magnetic field.   Our bodies gain energy from it and keep our cells working properly.   Many animals  have magnetic crystals inside to help them navigate.   Salmon, for example, lose their course when the electromagnetic field is disturbed.    Robert O. Becker, an American physician, has found these crystals in humans.   When astronauts explored space and were away from the earth’s magnetic field, they came back  weak, fatigued and disoriented.   NASA placed magnets in their spacesuits and space travel vehicles and they have had no more problems since.

Thousands of years ago the earth’s magnetic field was between 3 and 5 gauss.    Today it is 0.5 gauss.   Modern day steel construction, roads, and electrical appliances have disrupted the  natural electromagnetic field and we are suffering the consequences.     Emotional and physical issues along with an alarming increase in diseases are a result of our bodies not being able to keep homeostasis, or balance, like they once did.   Magnets help get us back on track.

When magnets are placed on an area, blood flow increases to the area which brings oxygen and nutrients that can speed up the healing process.    Magnets also get the body get rid of tension, and dispose of waste materials and toxins more quickly.   This means less inflammation and less discomfort, better mood and a healthier body.     It is a win-win situation for body and mind.

Magnets have been used for health issues for thousands of years in other parts of the world.     Just recently in western medicine, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS)  has been approved for the treatment of depression.    However, each session costs around $300 and usually a person needs 20 – 30 sessions….Ouch!

Nikken has spent almost 40 years researching and developing the best types and placement of magnets to give every area of our body the specific energy it needs and lacks.


EQL Magnetic Technology     Every magnetized object produces a flow of energy between its two poles, positive and negative.  Invisible lines of energy known as flux linesexit a magnet from its negative pole, and reenter through the positive pole. This travel is what creates the magnetic field.   By producing each segment as an equilateral triangle, with equal-length sides and equal angles, the magnetic field is perfectly uniform over the entire surface.


Nikken products wth EQL Magnetic Technology:




Field Gradient Technology   Every Nikken magnetic product uses static (permanent) magnets, for safety and reliability. Nikken products such as the Kenko™ Sleep System comforters use bipole magnets, either singly or in a multiple magnet array.  In Sleep System comforters, the individual bipole magnets are precisely spaced. This arrangement produces a pattern of magnetic flow (flux lines) between the magnets and creates an uninterrupted field gradient — a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic energy that is considered ideal for a sleep surface.

Field gradient magnet-pattern

Nikken products with Field Gradient Technology:

  • Kenko Sleep System comforters
  • MagCreator massage
  • Kenko™ PetPad
  • TriPhase™ bracelets
  • PiMag™ Water Technology


Magnetic Biaxial Rotation   Magnetic Biaxial Rotation uses a revolving magnet, that also rotates on a second axis. The magnetic field constantly changes its angle, as much as 25 times per second. This shifts the direction of magnetic polarity at high speed, at all angles  ˜ producing a field that is dynamic rather than stationary.

Biaxial-axis rotation

Nikken products with Biaxial Rotation

  • Biaxial PowerMag




DynaFlux Magentic Technology  DynaFlux features a series of individual magnets within an organized structure that places them in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points. This arrangement produces two notable effects. One result is that the magnetic field is intensified in each of these areas. The other is a magnetic field that extends farther from the surface.


Nikken products with DynaFlux Magnetic Technology:

  • Kenko MagDuo™
  • Kenko MagFlex™
  • Nikken PowerChip
  • Kenko PowerSleep Mask



RAM Magnetic Technology    Every magnetic field is three-dimensional — but when produced on a flat surface it can only project a number of reduplicated poles and angles in two dimensions, up or down.   RAM (radial-axis magnetism) Technology features small neodymium magnetic spheres in groups of six. Each magnet is positioned so that its positive-negative axis is rotated 60 degrees relative to its neighbor.   Arranged in a circle, these sequentially rotated spheres produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields. This means that the flux energies enclose any object in proximity to them. No matter how any contact is applied, positioned, or shifted, the magnetic cocoon remains constant.


Nikken products with RAM Technology:

  • Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper
  • Kenko Naturest™ Custom Pillow



SpyderRAM  Magnetic Technology    The SpyderRAM system (Nikken patent pending) is based on sequentially rotated spheres that are placed in a flexible, weblike matrix. Each SpyderRAM capsule includes a projection-and-socket arrangement locking the magnet into place at a precise angle. The silicone web is extremely flexible, and its natural elasticity allows each circular magnetic node to respond to motion, so that the overlapping magnetic fields can follow the contours of any shape.


Nikken products featuring SpyderRAM Technology:

  • Kenko Naturest™ Travel Pillow
  • KenkoSeat® II




Disclaimer:  I am an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant.  The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of these incredible products or those of my customers who are using them. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA.    I am a pharmacist, not a doctor, and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions.

Anyone who has an implanted electronic device, or a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, should consult a physician or care provider before using any magnetic product.