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Pet Products

Pet Products

Healthy Pets!


Our pets need good health too.     Many pets stay inside more than nature intended.    Every living creature is linked to the earth and depends on natural magnetic energy, sunlight, good air, good water and good nutrition to thrive.    If they don’t get these vital things they can  experience discomfort and health challenges –  just as we do.

Nikken keeps your pets in mind by developing products to let them lead the healthiest, longest life possible.

Pet Joint Plus

Most commercial pet food is full of fillers, artificial ingredients and colors.    These don’t give your pet the nutritional ingredients they need for good health.   Pet Joint Pluscontains the Kenzen Immunity mushroom blend to support their immune function.  It also contains cetyl myristoleate (CM) , a combination of fatty acid esters that help maintain joint and tissue health.  CM is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that  supports collagen, bone and connective tissue repair.

Joint problems are common in dogs and cats as they age.    Giving them a joint supplement can make a significant difference in their health and quality of life.

Kenzen Pet Joint





This is a video of a dog with severe atrophy and arthritis who underwent SIGNIFICANT improvement after using a product with cetyl myristoleate.    Pet Joint Plus contains a higher percentage of active ingredient plus immune boosting supplement for better overall health.


Kenko PetPad

Your pets deserve a good sleep environment too.   Their bodies work hard to repair and balance during sleep.

What could be better than giving them natural earth energies they require for good health?  The PetPad uses the same Field Gradient Magnetic technologies as in theKenko Sleep System, and contains advanced magnetic technology and far infrared  – which can soothe and relax your pet.

Its the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pets, and is completely machine washable.

Kenko Petpad








I  noticed a difference in a few weeks in our dog after starting him on Nikken products.   He only drinks PiMag water and prefers to sleep on the magnetic pad.  His coat is a beautiful shiny black now, and his energy level is much different – he initiates play time instead of the other way around.    He is a more relaxed, happier dog.



Disclaimer:  I am an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant.  The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of these incredible products or those of my customers who are using them. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA.    I am a pharmacist, not a doctor, and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions.