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Seizures miraculously seem to go away upon introduction of Nikken Magnetic Sleep system

Autism and Nikken coincidences:

Sept testimonials 2012
Knee Replacement Surgery
by Rosalind
My husband had knee replacement surgery last month. While he was in the hospital we used the PowerMag over his knee and leg. The doctor was amazed that he had NO redness or swelling around the knee when he changed the bandage. At his 10 day post-op appointment, his doctor was again “amazed” at the progress he had made. He said that he was a month ahead of schedule of any of the patients he had ever done knee surgery on. He has had one week of in-home physical therapy and the doc wants him to continue with one more week. But, he doesn’t have to go to ANY out patient therapy.

My 84 year old Mom saved from a life in a wheelchair!

Magstepin’ Clean (washing your clothes with magsteps!)
by Sallye
Instead of using laundry detergent which contains chemicals that we can avoid, put Magsteps on the tub of your washer to get your clothes completely fresh and clean. By placing the flat side of the Magsteps against the inside of your washer, they will adhere and remain there. Water will not affect them, so if you want to take them out to wear at any time, they’ll be as good as new! Not only will you save your body from the exposure to the chemicals, but you will save money on detergent. This is especially great for those with allergic reactions to chemicals. We haven’t used laundry detergent at our house since I made this great discovery!

Fracture Heals Faster
by Mary
My grandson had a very serious fracture to his thigh. His mother wrapped a Kenko Flex around the outside of the cast; had him sit on a KenkoSeat; sleep on a Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper. They were told it would be 12 weeks before he was back to normal activity. After a month his bones appeared normal on x-ray and he was back to normal activity in six weeks instead

Here is an email I just got in my inbox thought you would enjoy reading


Severe neck, shoulder, and jaw agony goes away!!!



In 1992, my husband Tom had a terrible ski accident that left him in agony and unable to sleep.  Tom turned to Nikken and its vital energies when nothing else worked.  Imagine how shocked we were when, within days, he was a new person, sleeping through the night and on the road to recovery!  I thought, WOW what do we have our hands on??  I was impressed enough to purchase some products to try on family and friends.  The results astounded me!


Some of the results in our family include: our daughter, a first soloist ballerina with 3 herniated discs, who today has no sign that they ever existed; my 20-year severe neck, shoulder and jaw agony which is a thing of the past; AND our horse Twister who went from a 3-legged horse (about to be put down) to a sound animal once again galloping around the pasture!!


The Nikken products changed (and continue to improve) our lives and they just might change yours!!