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Energy- How to Have More Energy!

I hear people say often, "I feel worn down" or "I'm out of energy" and they think a cup of coffee or some other stimulant is what they need to get through the day. Or they wake up tired and grab that caffeine. In reality, what they are experiencing is the lack of good restful deep, restorative sleep (see my Sleep section on this website)

Running out of Energy

What is Energy?

When we sleep we actually Re-charge, literally. Our bodies actually run on a subtle DC current. And our cells provide that energy. In fact, when we go to sleep our body actually goes to work to regenerate and store energy for use the next day.

Did you know that?

Remember in Biology class when you learned about the cell, the atom and the elements within it? Electrons carry a (-)negative charge and protons (+) a positve charge. Just like a magnet and the Schuman Resonance field of the Earth! But we have become shielded from the earth's magnetic field by steel, concrete and the interuption through high frequency EMFs (electromagnetic fields) thus, many scientist believe, causing great harm to our bodies (see my post here for more on this )

In reality, every cell in your body has an electrical energy charge like a generator!

Did you ever wonder where the energy you have originates from? Or why some people seem to have more "energy" than others? And why children have so much of it it seems and as we get older we have less?

Well it doesn't have to be that way!

You can have the same energy as you did when you were younger!

Learn how restful sleep at night and natural effective daytime solutions can give you back the energy and vitality you desire! Contact me for more information (970)261-4302 or healthsolutionsintl@live.com I have committed my life to serving people just like you.  I encourage you to select something from my website and see what happens! BSHN    

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